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Lamar Fleming Mansion At 2945 Lazy Ln.

Highrise Tower

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I was looking around for the famous Texas Medical Center trustee Lamar Fleming, Jr. and came across his River Oaks home at 2945 Lazy Lane.

Completed in 1930, 2945 Lazy Lane was designed by Houston’s most eminent architect, John Staub, commissioned by a previous generation oilman, Harry C. Hanszen and his wife, Katherine. Its style was proposed after Staub returned from a European trip moved by a 12th-century Norman chateau. His clients were enthusiastic about the project to add a touch of the medieval to the third mansion in the Homewood section of River Oaks.

Then the sound of a bulldozer pierced the air. Peering behind a wrought–iron fence encased in a green protective cover that effectively functioned as a shroud, and arriving in time for a close look as a dump truck departed, there were the visible remains of a once great house — a mansion notable twice, foremost for its architect, John Staub, as well as for its most illustrious resident, John Mecom Jr., the charismatic only son of a man who was at one-time among the top three independent oil producers in the world, wildcatter John Mecom Sr.


Persons attending brunch given by W.A. Smith and R.H. Abercrombie for Vice President Nixon Houston, Texas Sunday, June 12, 1955.


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3 hours ago, strickn said:

https://www.houstonpress.com/media/pdf/nixon_meyerland-sept11.pdf contains the extensive brunch documentation 

have you ever found any photos of the demolished Blaffer home at 2 Briarwood?

I couldn't find any pictures, but the property is now owned by Charles Duncan. Traipsing through the property records for folks like the Blaffers is interesting. They owned a lot of stuff in Houston.

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20 hours ago, Ross said:

I couldn't find any pictures, but the property is now owned by Charles Duncan. 

Presumably his wife Anne, since he passed away a couple of years ago and she is listed as co-owner of the property.

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