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William Bates Mansion At 2128 Brentwood Dr.

Highrise Tower

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I was reading the newspaper The Sunday Citizen dated October 16, 1949 and came across an address for Colonel William B. Bates. 

It looks like Bates was Vice President of Texas Medical Center, Inc. and was replaced by John T. Jones, Jr. 

Too many famous Houstonians to type! I love looking where the rich and famous lived back in the day.  All these founding partners/members of the Texas Medical Center lived in River Oaks! I guess when you are a world-renowned surgeon you have enough money to buy a parcel in RO.  I wonder where the run-of-the-mill doctor in the TMC lives.  I'd say in Museum District, Montrose, and Meyerland. Only the very wealth live in RO. 

Several Area Residents May Get C.C. Posts.

Several residents of the Southwest are among the 14 men whose names have been submitted to members of the Chamber of Commerce for three-year terms on the chamber's board of directors.

The nominees, seven of whom will be elected, were announced by Hines H. Baker, 2246 Troon Road, chairman of the nominating committee. Mr. Baker is president of Humble Oil.

The nominees follow:

Col. W.B. Bates, 2128 Brentwood, of Fullbright, Crooker, Freeman & Bates, attorneys. Warren S. Bellows, 1728 North Blvd., president of W.S. Bellows Construction- 



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