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Leland Anderson Home At 8 Briarwood Cr.

Highrise Tower

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I was reading the newspaper The Bellaire Texan dated October 21, 1964 and came across a residential address for the former President and Director of the Texas Medical Center, William Leland Anderson (W. Leland Anderson.)

I don't think he liked his first name. Most of my research had his first name abbreviated as "W." An ancestry.com search helped me.  There could be multiple William Leland Andersons but the birth date and place matched up with his family member Monroe D. Anderson. 

Ancestry.com also had Mr. Anderson living at 3214 Reba Drive in 1940.  Both of his properties were in River Oaks.  Seems like a lot of the early TMC officers lived in River Oaks.

Heritage Society Coffee Slated.

The Harris County Heritage Society annual fall membership coffee will be held Tuesday, October 27, from ten o'clock to twelve noon, at the home of Mrs. W. Leland Anderson, 8 Briarwood Circle.

Receiving will be: Mrs. W. Leland Anderson, hostess; Mrs. Herman Pressler, president; Mrs. James L. Britton, Jr. chairman of entertainment; and Mrs. Searcy Bracewell. 


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