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Binz Building | 1001 Texas Ave


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The Binz Building is located on the corner of Texas Avenue and Main St at 1001 Texas Ave.

I saw recent posts about the building in other topics, but noticed the building doesn't have it its own topic (at least I couldn't find one after several searches).

About the building:

The Binz Building – 1001 Texas Avenue is a  13 story, over 120,000 square foot  office building, with an adjacent 8 story  parking garage, located in the heart of Houston’s vibrant Central Business  District.

The Binz  Building occupies Block 56 within  Houston’s CBD street grid, offering excellent  access to all downtown amenities.  



From Loopnet





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On 7/21/2020 at 3:13 PM, nate4l1f3 said:

Me and my friend hate the office building next to it. One of the ugliest towers on Prime real estate   


On 7/21/2020 at 3:39 PM, Avossos said:


The Binz building needs some sort of complete renovation. I imagine a hotel will grab it. There was a beautiful building there but I think that is long gone and this is what they built in its place... Agreed.. this building and that block need a ton of help.


On 1/13/2022 at 10:45 AM, H-Town Man said:

Got a chance to walk around this neighborhood on a trip to town the other day...

I stood at the corner of Texas and Main, admiring the front of 609 Main, and as my glance turned, I couldn't believe the sight of the dumpy old Binz Building. What a great candidate for redevelopment! The owners have about half the block, and it could connect to the tunnel system. If Skanska can build on such a narrow site at Discovery Green, someone could surely make a great thin office tower right here.


On 10/13/2022 at 11:49 PM, jhjones74 said:

There are now two other spots downtown to get beignets, one on Main St where S&T used to be (bummed they closed)...


15 hours ago, editor said:

What's the one on Main Street?  That one is probably closer to me.


14 hours ago, jhjones74 said:

They’re calling it Little New Orleans, under the Binz building at 1001 Texas Ave, Ste 150. You can see beignets listed on the window - I was too disappointed to find out S&T had closed to give it a try.



1 hour ago, editor said:

Excellent.  Thank you!  I've seen that banner before, but thought it was just another random daiquiri bar. 

I'll hobble over there today.


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I always liked this building.  A bit art moderne.  Reminds me of a streamlined version of Whitehaven Mansions in the television adaptations of Agatha Christie's Poirot stories.

I believe there was a fire in this building about ten years ago.  I remember one of the Houston TV stations contacting me when I lived elsewhere, asking for photos of it.

I went to the New Orleans joint.  Very nice people.  There was me, one other person ordering, and a woman who picked up a to-go order.  This was around 1:15pm.

I got a small seafood gumbo:


A big portion for a "small."  Has a little bit of spice to it.

I also got a smothered cabbage and a cornbread muffin:


I don't know what it's smothered with.  Maybe gravy?  I got it because I've never seen smothered cabbage on a menu before, and I was in the mood for something different.  It was good.  I grew up with a mother who was forever trying to feed me canned sauerkraut, which turned me off to cabbage.  But I liked this. A bit of sweetness to it.  The cornbread was good, too, if a touch over-baked.

And of course, beignets:


I don't know why there are grapes in there.  Maybe that's a thing I don't know about.  If it's just for garnish, maybe some sprigs of mint might be a better idea.  Regardless, these were quite good.  They're smaller than the ones you get from Shipley's, and because of that they're a little denser.  But the dough is quite different.  It's has some flakiness and crispiness to it — a bit like filo.  Really good.  It comes with five, so if you're sharing, you'll have to decide who gets the leftover one beforehand.  I recommend not sharing.

Is the food great?  I'm not qualified to say.  I'm happy to have another downtown eatery that's not all gimmicky and pretentious, trying to be something it's not.  I'm also happy that it's not yet-another-hamburger-stand, or yet-another-taco-joint (Tacos!?  In Houston!? That's revolutionary!  Maybe serve it from a truck, or in a food court if you really want go where everyone else has gone before!)

I haven't had New Orleans food in a long time, so I'm glad to have this option.  I'll also patronize it because not only is it open on weekends, it's open until 3am on Friday and Saturday nights.  And it opens at 8am for breakfast, which is exactly when I want my beignets.




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1 hour ago, staresatmaps said:

Oh thank god. I refuse to go to places that have terrible hours as well. The place it replaced was never open.

Very much agree with this, though unfortunately it looks like this place is only open until 6 PM Mon - Thurs. Tried to grab some beignets after seeing the review around 7:00 and they were closed - this more or less rules out dinner for me during the weekdays.

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