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Galveston-Houston Speedway In Webster

Highrise Tower

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I was browsing the newspaper called South Belt Leader dated December 4, 1925 and came across race track called Galveston-Houston Speedway located half way between Galveston and Houston in Webster, TX.

A national speedway between Galveston and Houston, destined to be perhaps the fastest automobile board track in the world, will be a reality by spring.

This was announced yesterday by C.E. Brinsdon, secretary of the Chamber of Commerce, and Walter H. Myers of Harrisburg.

The track will be located at Webster, between the two cities.

The Galveston-Houston Speedway will be a one and one-quarter mile oval, banked from ten degrees on the straightaways to forty-eight degrees on the curves. The width will be fifty feet over all. The running surface will be two by fours on edge and laid lengths. Approximately 4,500,000 feet of yellow pine and seventy five tons of nails will be required to build the giant bowl.

The speedway will have a stadium grandstand on the home stretch to seat 15,000 persons and a bleacher on the back stretch to seat 10,000. Three tunnels will be made under the track to provide entrance to the infield, consisting about 100 acres, will accommodate more than 100,000 persons and 8,000 automobiles at each event.



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