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Super Serv Grocery Stores

Highrise Tower

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I was browsing the publication The Texan dated January 22, 1986 and came across this business listing for Super Serv Grocery Stores.

They were known for their Triangle Stores. I can see their triangle slogan " Service, Economy, Quality".

Anyone know the history of this food market? I know HAIF has some "Grocery Historians".  I saw someone mention one location was on S. Post Oak at S. Main. I know their is a Fiesta Market at that corner now.  Same location?



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Super Serv was a buying group for independent super markets.   I believe we were able to purchase certain items at a discount each week, if we belonged to the Super Serv group.  We had a small independent store and purchased from Schepps Grocery Wholesale.  It may have been associated with Schepps.  There was another group that was similar and their logo/group was "Lucky 7" stores.   This is my dad in the 50s and if you look at the circular behind him, you can make out the Super Serv name.  


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