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Meyer Bros. Department Store At 5002 Bellaire Blvd.

Highrise Tower

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I was browsing the newspaper The Texan dated November 14, 1956 and came across a business ad for Meyer Bros. Department Store located at At Bellaire Blvd. At 3rd St. (Presumably 5002 Bellaire Blvd.)

I believe this was a stand a lone building? The current site has a Walgreens.  The original building must have been demolished.

A little confused about the history of the Meyer Bros.  They created two businesses? One was a department store (Meyer Bros.) and the other was a grocery store/market called The White House?

There are countless advertisements for Meyer Bros. in the 50s and 60s. If I find a cool ad I'll post it.  Pretty much all the same though.

Any HAIFers have memories here? Do share!!

I found a location list of Meyer Bros. locations.   See the below quote.


#01: 311 W 19th

#02: 2539 University

#03: 1996 W Gray

#04: 5002 Bellaire

#05: 211 E Shaw (Pasadena)

#06: 2912 Fulton

#07: 8902 Humble Rd.

#08: 4037 Westheimer

(no store #9 listed)

#10: 1035 Meyerland Plaza

General offices listed at Meyerland Plaza Location

Advtg Dept and Shoe Dept listed at 1511 Preston

Beauty Salon office listed at 1417 Chenevert



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