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Vacant Hotel Parcel On Westcreek Ln.

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There are two additional apartment towers planned for Westcreek.


An office building, a hotel and two additional high-rise apartment building are planned on the remaining Westcreek property, Brand said.


The surge of development has led to concerns over increased traffic congestion in the area.

High-density development will increasingly take the place of low-rise buildings in desirable, close-in areas, Bland said, as more people want to live in the city center and land become more expensive.

Additional traffic, he said, is the price of progress. But he also points out that the number of new residential units proposed on the old Westcreek site won't be a whole lot higher that what was there originally.

"Surprisingly, if you take all the apartments that were demolished, the total number of (new) residential units is not going to be much more," Bland said.



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The "old Westcreek" apartments by Hauck & Swain were fairly well built, and the development grew in rental income in part because of that over the many years.  I am impressed with the quality of the Sky highrise apts, and especially Oliver/McMillan's, among all the new development in terms of architecture and construction.  Even Pelican's architecture is usually pretty good.  And let's hope the Mid Lane project(s) are similar like the Weslayan/Alabama projects seem to be.


All are immensely better than the youngsters who built High Street.  "High" must stand for 'if the market is strong, then cut corners and build ugly to maximize profits,' because the back end of High Street is very poor/low... El Cheapo looking.  These developers who I was told also do their own construction might be the ONLY one of the area developers who are failing to put the power and cable utilities underground!   The absence of high-quality development planning/ protections / management for its own residents has some 'special' ones parking along driveways instead of in the garage or clearly appropriate parking spaces.   Place is looking more ghetto than Uptown.  I'm sure they are good folks, but I heard the Dinersteins are quite young, with mentoring that likes to undercut rents in areas of high-quality projects.  I understand the business model, but admire developers who seem to care more about community, legacy, and the long term.  River Oaks District will really be something in terms of multi-use upon completion, and with multifamily replacing the high quality of Messrs. Hauck and Swain...great developers back in the day.

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  • The title was changed to Westcreek Hotel Plot
2 hours ago, CaptainJilliams said:


What does this densification look like or consist of? Allowing someone to develop or build on the parking lot?

It could mean they anchor the ground floor of a building. Maybe some sort of mixed use like Whole Foods and HEB? 


On a side note, you don’t realize just how dense the inner loop is until you look at it from above. 

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  • The title was changed to Vacant Hotel Parcel On Westcreek Ln.

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