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Ad-Free HAIF


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I've decided to bring back Ad-Free HAIF.

For those of you who weren't here the last time we had Ad-Free HAIF, it's pretty self-explanatory.  For a small fee, you can HAIF without seeing any advertisements.

People these days hate advertisements quite a lot.  This is a way for you to do two things:

  1. Avoid seeing ads on HAIF
  2. Support HAIF

You can achieve #1 with a browser ad-blocker, but then you're doing the opposite of #2.  And why would you want to do that?

I've decided to keep the old pricing structure for this new launch.  It's simple:

  • $5/month or
  • $50/year

The last time we did this, it was nice to see some people were buying multiple years, not because they hated ads that much, but because they just wanted to support HAIF.  It made me all warm and fuzzy.

Since this is a soft launch, there's no fancy credit card check-out or anything.  Just send me a message, and we'll work out a payment method.  Right now, I take:

  • Apple Pay/Apple Cash,
  • PayPal
  • Checks,
  • Frank's Pizza gift cards

If you have any questions, send me a message.

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