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Halong Club At 8100 South Main St.

Highrise Tower

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I was just reading Rice University's The Thresher magazine dated January 11, 1945 and came across this business advertisement.

Arthur Long (Formerly manager of the Plantation) Invites you to be his guest at the Halong Club - 8100 South Main Street (Opposite Prince's)

New Oak Dance Floor - The finest music - now featuring Jack Rodman & His Orchestra


8100 South Main has a history of being a dance/music club.  It was right where South Main splits with Old Spanish Trl, the Y configuration.

- Halong Club

- Hitching Post Club

- Texas Corral (Palladium Club)

Also, Arthur Long was a former manager of Plantation Club.  Where exactly is that club? I thought I read it was located in an outside tent? HAIF has the addresses of 9101 South Main and another at 10200 South Main.  I thought it was closer to the 7000 block of South Main?

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This building later became Lee's Den restaurant. It was not the same building as Jerry Irby's Texas Corral.

There was no bar or club called the Hitching Post at or near that location. That was a figment of PJ Proby's imagination, if you remember that long thread.

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