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Dutch Kettle At 6410 Fannin St.


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  • 14 years later...

The early Dutch Kettles were knock-offs of Toddle Houses with almost identical menus, I think.  While Toddle Houses were usually in free standing structures, early Kettles were in strip centers and ground floors of office buildings, with an exterior entrance.  Just coffee shops, small diners.   Yeah, 24 hours, breakfast served all day type thing.  Should have done well right across from the Med Center, unless staffers aren't allowed to leave the building to eat???


There was one in the big strip center in Lake Jackson at the corner of Plantation and what was known as Loop Road in the 60s, right across from Restwood Cemetery.  There was a big Weingarten's in that center, later an HEB, and a Sears Tire Store.  I was getting new tires and went in there.  My only visit to one but I was familiar with Toddle Houses from going to UT Austin. 


Later they had stand-alone facilities that were larger and more in competition with Denny's, Po' Folks, etc., more of a country diner.  I think there was on on 332 in Lake Jackson about 20 years ago and more - not really sure of the name of that place.


I think this is the company.


There's a story behind a paywall in the Galveston Daily News about the one there on the Seawall that closed in 2012.

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