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Alabama Parallelogram - 1512-1518 Alabama St.


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Wow! That's some serious cantilevering going on there.
I like it.
Also, apparently they own the c. 1920's house next door, and I'm delighted they decided to save it. So many architects/developers in Houston wouldn't have bothered. 

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Holy Cantilever....

Yeah that ain't happenin. I'm no structural engineer, but I did take physics. Last I checked, gravity is still a thing.

The sketchup model and elevation don't really show much either. Looks very preliminary.

If you want a deep cantilever like that you would need to do some funky stuff with large steel trusses basically from the under ceiling to the roof, and then really anchor that sucker in the back. Really expensive.

I would love to be surprised though! Please prove me wrong.

MetaLabs is a good firm. Always glad to see them get work.

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18 hours ago, august948 said:

The first diagram clearly shows it's a deadfall trap for 60's muscle cars.

The developers obviously intend to put a stop to the owner of that Bullitt-era Mustang from doing donuts in the middle of the street, given the residue from said activity that's clearly visible in the last photo.

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