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Antone's Import Co. At 8111 South Main St.

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On HAIF, there seems to be some confusion on the location of the first, original Antone's. Some mention the original location is at 807 Taft Street, but others say it was located on the Kirby/Main triangle in a gas station. Perhaps this confusion lies with the type of restaurant? One is a pop-up in a gas station, while the other is a dedicated brick & mortar store?

"On the intersection of S. Main and O.S.T. there was a Sinclair service station that later became the 1st Antone's,"


"I believe that those rail cars were originally Victoria's Station and then later became Antone's. It was on that triangular strip of land where Main and OST come together."


While looking at the Houston Public Library's Digital Archives I noticed some concrete information about the stores locations.  Antone's #2 was located at 8111 South Main St. Antone's #1 was indeed located at 807 Taft St. Antone's #3 was located at 1639 South Voss St.

From the research I did, there is still a location, although rebranded as Angelo'z "World's Best Po'boys", at 8057 Kirby Drive near Old Spanish Trail.






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On 2/27/2023 at 9:56 AM, Earlydays said:

I went to both the Taft and S. Main locations and the people that worked there pronounced it An-tones.....


On 2/24/2023 at 7:04 PM, EspersonBuildings said:

Pretty sure it was always pronounced An-tones.  I remember the location at OST and S. Main quite well along with the Victoria Station rail cars.

OK might have just been my Dad pronouncing it like the street Antoine.

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