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Texas Christian Sanitarium At 341 W. 19th Ave.

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While browsing the Houston Public Library Digital Archives I found this old hospital in The Heights. Did the hospital merge into a different hospital system? Perhaps it went out of business if it didn't merge with another company.  Any details with this one?


Exterior of the Texas Christian Sanitarium, located at 341 W. 19th Avenue.

circa 1911.


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TSHA Online at https://www.tshaonline.org/handbook/entries/houston-heights-tx mentions that the building was originally a hotel, and later became an opera house(presumably in a different building). The address is the location of the Heights Theater.

Colored post card on a Rice site https://scholarship.rice.edu/handle/1911/36742

On Pinterest, with text indicating it burned in 1915. Great picture. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/overstockcom-online-shopping-bedding-furniture-electronics-jewelry-clothing-more-in-2022--246923992148744871/ Here's a snip in case it disappears


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From the 1911, 1915, and 1917 City Directories. Address changed in 1915 to 345, and there is no mention in 1917, as you would expect if it burned. Images are in reverse order, 1917 at the top, 1911 at the bottom.


19th Street 1917.JPG

19th Street 1915.JPG

19th Street 1911.JPG

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