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Winrock North: Multifamily At 2030 Winrock Blvd.

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Project Name: Winrock North Apartments

Location Address: 2030 Winrock Blvd.

Start Date: 4/1/2023

Completion Date: 4/1/2025

Scope of Work: New construction of a 398 for-rent multifamily units, structured parking garage, and shared amenity areas.

Square Footage: 9,800 ft 2

Design Firm Name: GFF

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When I first got to Houston over 20 years ago, I landed at Briarwood on Winrock.  My next door neighbor was a South Texas College of Law adjunct professor.  A nice retired couple with a meticulously cared for 1980s Mercedes Benz lived in one of the townhome units above me.  The complex got sold and renting standards all but abandoned.  There was an Asian drug gang that sold whatever you needed out of one of the townhome units.  One night there was a SWAT standoff with someone who holed themselves up with a couple of pit bulls.  Just after I moved out, someone nearly decapitated their friend in a grizzly murder that some thought was terror related.  

Even as the single family homes across the way gentrified into $1 mil+ lot value, the multifamily and retail development along and around Westheimer in this far west Galleria Area neighborhood have seen very little movement compared to so many other parts of Houston.  You could build a small city out this way by taking out the old garden style apartments and converting the strip malls to mixed use.  But this area just never keeps up any momentum.

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