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Houston Academy Of Medicine- Texas Medical Center Library At 1133 John Freeman Blvd.


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Houston Academy of Medicine- Texas Medical Center Library At 1133 John Freeman Boulevard.

The Texas Medical Center (TMC) in Houston, Texas, with forty-two member institutions and thirteen hospitals, is the largest medical center in the world with some of the world's best doctors. The TMC stands as an example of innovative healthcare and major medical accomplishments because its institutions and doctors offer a network of knowledge, skill, and expertise that is unremarkable.

Undoubtedly, any doctor would say that access to knowledge is the basis of his or her expertise. At the Texas Medical Center, the Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Center (HAM-TMC) takes the lead in providing medical knowledge to the medical community.

The Medical Center Library is a dynamic member of the TMC that offers a unique story and history. The name of this institution has endured as many transitions as the library itself. Over the years it has been called the Houston Academy of Medicine Library, the Texas Medical Center Library, the Houston Academy of Medicine Library for the Texas Medical Center, and finally in 1970 it was given the name it is known as today. Besides the library's official name are its common names such as the "the Jones Library" or "the Med Center Library."

The HAM-TMC Library's story began in 1903 with the formation of the Harris County Medical Society (HCMS), which sought to improve public health and medical standards for the Harris County community.



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