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Houston Restaurants Matchbooks

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Houston has lately been referred to as the restaurant or culinary capital of the United States. In celebration of that, I was wanting to share pictures of old Houston restaurant matchbooks. I have several hundred I can share with the community here (but not all at once!). Was interested if any of you out there want to do the same. Any Houston matchbook collectors out there? It would be great to share old pictures of the actual restaurants as well. 

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I'm not a matchbook collector, but I'm sure there'd be interest here in seeing these. 

There have occasionally been pictures of old restaurants posted, but they tend to be scattered across various threads as opposed to centralized in one thread. There's also an ongoing discussion on local restaurants of yore under the thread title "Defunct Houston Restaurants".

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I have a bunch of them from back in the day when I was a smoker. Gave some away to a distant relative who collected them. Used to collect them cause just about every restaurant or bar gave them away back then. They are from Junction, San Antonio, Houston, Pasadena, Mexico City, Acapulco, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Taos, Steamboat Springs and several other places I've traveled to or lived in. These are some of the interesting ones.





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