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1401 Montrose Blvd.


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On 1/29/2022 at 6:29 AM, IntheKnowHouston said:

The restaurant at 1401 Montrose Blvd is named Carmalito. I don't know if this is another restaurant from the Mandola family or not.


Apologies for the wrong name of the business moving into the 1401 Montrose building of former Pronto Cucinino.

The name isn't Carmalito but Comalito.

It turns out I've been following the restaurant's Instagram for a while, not realizing this is the business opening soon at 1401 Montrose.

According to the logo on Comalito's Instagram, this will become a Mexican restaurant. I am uncertain if this will center on a specific regional Mexican cuisine or offer fares ranging from various regions of Mexico. The logo also seems to indicate this will be a taqueria-type concept.

Comalito is the latest restaurant from Picos Hospitality. The group's other restaurant includes Arnaldo Richard's Picos located in the Upper Kirby area. 



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All the construction fencing is down and I don't see any exterior changes. I wonder if they stopped whatever construction they were doing? Isn't this a Mandola property? Maybe the sale of the W. Dallas St. site had something to do with it.


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