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Houston Municipal Airport - Future Hobby Airport


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For those who may not be aware this building still exists at the western edge of the Hobby Airport property. It can be accessed off of Travelair Street. It opened in 1940 and has been "refurbished" (I won't say restored) and now serves as the 1940 Air Terminal Museum. Look it up 1940 Air Terminal Museum and Special Event Venue . It speaks to an important time in the city's air transportation history.

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Unfortunately it looks like some web scraper went around and created the post without help. That first image is Houston Street in New York, and the sixth image is labeled as being from Rugby, England!

I believe this photo is from Flickr? Some of the images are of Houston, but many, maybe even most, are not from the 30s. A few are from the 50s-70s, but a bunch are also very recent Black and White images, like the Terminal Building photo, which is likely no more than 20-25 years old, right before the renovation. Also, the building was even around until 1940! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1940_Air_Terminal_Museum

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