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Maybe The Texaco Building?


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"gnu is correct, definitely not The Texaco Building, close though as that is a couple of blocks away.  The tower on the left is JW Marriott Houston Downtown , originally the Carter Building, 806 Main Street.  The Carter Building was built in 1910 as a 16 story office building.  This photo was circa 1925 because you can see construction of the 6 story addition was just starting plus you can also see a block further up, the Niels Esperson Building, 808 Travis, is under construction (completed in 1927).  Across Main Street, where BG Group Place (811 Main) now stands,  you can see the edge of The Cotton Hotel, which later became The Montague Hotel to the left of the two low rise structures.  Across the street on Rusk from them is The Houston Bar Center, built in 1914, now AC Hotel by Marriott Houston, 723 Main Street.  "Montrose1100", I think you are a little off about the direction of the picture.  This is looking west on Rusk Avenue (yes, in the early 20th century, the east/west streets of downtown and midtown were "Avenues").

"hindesky", thanks for the vintage photos.  Love them all!



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