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Yale St. at Center St. Work


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I'm not a government contractor or a city planner, however I have been privy to the cost estimate for a brand new 4 way traffic signal install without crosswalk signals and that was about $250k.  I have no perspective on crosswalk signal costs for municipalities, but when we looked into them for a private neighborhood, they were available for <$10k each (push button with lighted signal, not the countdown type you commonly see on city streets). So from my perspective, $1M seems excessive for what they have outlined.

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I do wonder if this doesn't include a bit more than that. One or two of the ramps at least really needs to be replaced, and the pavement is a bit rough through here. Some light utility relocation to make sure you actually have at least 5' of clear space would be nice. Some nice bulb-outs on Center St.

All that combined would probably be more than $1 million though, so who knows. I guess we'll find out next year.

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