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Fairfield Waugh: New Multifamily At 1010 Waugh Dr.


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Yeah, I know what you meant. Except it's the morning sun that will be blocked by this. Afternoon sun is already blocked. And that morning sun will be blocked 365 days a year, not just in August. And let's not forget that the first 40 feet or so up from the street is (what seems to be) unadorned parking garage. 


ETA: If I lived in those apartments across the street, I'd be thinking of moving when the lease is up. Especially when construction starts. If I owned one of those townhouses, I'd be depressed.

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For the apartments, I think you're underestimating the Texas sun. Especially given that the southern portion of the building will be set back from Rosine by the depth of the townhouse lots.

Now, two of those three townhouses on the other hand... Those will be pretty significantly in shade all year round. The southernmost one will be fine for as long as the Tony Mandola's (or whatever it is now) building in parkin lot are there.

My larger point is that i think there is a weird tendency to overvalue direct sun and undervalue shade in Houston. Nothing is more valuable than shade in Houston. Just think how much those townhouses will save in HVAC costs.

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24 minutes ago, KinkaidAlum said:

Time to bring an old fashioned street car down Dallas from Shepherd to Downtown. 

Or, perhaps, Allen Parkway. 
It would be close to W. Dallas, and also provide easy access to Buffalo Bayou Park.

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