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Top Chef Coming to Houston


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They are using the brand new not yet open J-M  BBQ restaurant at 2201 Leeland for the show. I rode by and asked a couple of people what was going on, first guy said a TV show, I asked if it was Top Chef and he said he couldn't say, same thing from a women. Their denials make it Top Chef. Lots of trucks, "Talent" trailers and audio and visual equipment.




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1 hour ago, Justin Welling said:

Whole Foods was the one on Post Oak, the clubhouse and "apartments" appear to be at the new Holiday Inn/Staybridge Suites off 610 between Westheimer and San Felipe (kind of random imo). 

Yup, definitely the Post Oak/San Felipe location. They showed external shots with the surface level parking, and at the end of that segment you could see the new Aspire apartment tower in the background 

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21 hours ago, Blue Dogs said:

What are the chances of "Master Chef" being filmed in the Lone Star State down the road ?

@Blue Dogs, I have never seen "Master Chef," but shall give it a try based on your recommendation.  Do they film the season in a single city like Top Chef?

I do wonder how Houston was selected for Top Chef . . . I know our culinary scene gets a lot of press, but I wonder how much any incentive packages, etc. played into the location decision.  I remember reading somewhere (wish I could remember where so I could share) that HoustonFirst was investing money into increasing the City's profile through productions such as these.  The last show I remember that gave Houston a try was "Married to Medicine: Houston," which got canceled after 1 season because there was such little drama, which I thought was a fine testament to the City and how we generally get along relatively well.  The biggest shade thrown in that show was one of the women telling another, "You're so Beaumont."

15 hours ago, hindesky said:

Really wanted Evelyn to win but Buddha was also a deserving winner.


I thought Buddha was arrogance personified, a real jerk!  At the Judge's Table when the others were being reviewed and they split to him, he had a look in his face like he was ready to jump the judges, screaming, "Just give it to me already!"

Evelyn did Houston proud.  And Sarah's story was fun to watch.  

All in all, I don't think the show did the best job showcasing Houston (must've seemed pretty bland to those watching who have no knowledge of the City), but the worst was the fact they ended in Tucson . . . blech!  I know they typically do that, but I just wish there was a better finale to the Houston episodes than the Galveston fish fry.

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