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River Oaks Country Club At 1600 River Oaks Blvd.

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The people of River Oaks don't see it as racism; they are trying to carry on the traditions of their ancestors. For many years they have held the Annual Old South Plantation Ball at the River Oaks Country Club complete with elaborate period costumes and carriage rides through the neighborhood. Attendies number to several hundreds of the most prominent families in Houston and Texas including former govoners and congressmen. Funds raised went to the Old South Plantation Confederate Museum southwest of town. These types of events have become far less publicized in the past few years and have relocated to the private plantation homes near Houston but the spirit certainly lives on.

Cassius Clay/Ali was persuaded not to buy in River Oaks. That practice still occurrs today to all types of people. In '94, I considered a River Oaks home priced in the "terrible twos". You could get a small home on a decent street in the low $200,000's at the time. The River Oaks specialist agent suggested I would be happier in West University Place. I had a similar but even more unpleasant experience attempting to see the mod at North Parkwood at Del Rio in Riverside Terrace. The black realtor would not return my calls until I reconfigured my name to sound black. I finally got through but he was really upset and said the house was sold even though it continued to remain on the market for a year. The place was extremely decayed, suffering from massive roof leaks and eroded structure. Almost every house in the area suffers from tremendous neglect and decay. The ones that have been redone have been ruined and have about as much character as a patched up twenty year old mid-grade apartment.

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