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NASA's Johnson Space Center- Campus Expansion


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JSC is building a new Emergency Operations Center to withstand a Cat 5 hurricane. The facility will house primary and redundant hardware for command and control. This will be the home of the center's hurricane rideout team.


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  • The title was changed to NASA's Johnson Space Center- Campus Expansion
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Texas A&M's Space Collaboration Facility, funded by the Texas Space Commission appropriations from the legislature will be located on JSC property.




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Texas A&M Space Institute, which will be housed in this building, was approved with Dr. Nancy Currie-Gregg being named director. She's got a great reputation in Clear Lake and in Aggieland. Fantastic choice.


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The Emergency Operations Center is now complete and an addition to Building 31 (Lunar Sample Laboratory Facility) is either underway or now complete to create the "Advanced Sample and Asteroid Curation Facility). Building 37 (Lunar Receiving Laboratory) is slated for demolition. Additionally, a water tower is now under construction.


JSC Master Plan:






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Some additional info found from a NAL-JSC presentation by the director of center operations at NASA JSC:

Artemis Rock Yard. 4 phases, will allow for suit, vehicle, and equipment testing. The TAMU Proving Ground referred to is the Innovation Proving Grounds at the Texas A&M RELLIS Campus in Bryan. The Innovation Proving Grounds were built for the Army Futures Command with an appropriation from the Texas Legislature.



Current and Future Projects:



The water tower, Astromaterials Research & Exploration Science Annex, and Building 37 demolition were previously mentioned. The Operations and Maintenance Facility is Project N1 from the short term plan in my last post. Building 49 (Vibration and Acoustics Test Facility) is being put out to bid for industry to lease. Also of note was that a new engineering facility would be built across the street from Building 13 and Building 15, beginning next fiscal year. JSC will be creating a new master plan beginning next year as well. The last major point of discussion was Texas A&M's facility at Exploration Park. This is moving through the planning phases. An interesting outcome of that project is that Space Center Houston's lunar/martian surface simulation facility will no longer be moving forward as currently planned. Texas A&M will build those two facilities and duplication doesn't make sense. If Space Center Houston includes Texas A&M's facility as part of their tours, the university will have scored a major recruiting coup. JSC expects to have private commercial space companies take up space in Exploration Park as well.

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