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Anderson Elementary School Renovations

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I just found this site and what memories it cultivated. I went to Andy Anderson Elementary School and we moved from Westbury after 6th grade(1968). My family lived at 6018 Cartagena and Westbury Square was a family favorite. Like other postings, my friends and I practically lived there in 1968. my friends and I would ride bikes there and hang out. That was the year I decorated my bedroom on my own. Between Cargo Houston and the Electric Paisley, I shocked my parents by going psychedelic.The black light and black light posters, the incense and the 45 records blaring through my one speaker record player caused my parents some alarm.

What I remember the most was the contrast of architecture. The end of my street was the edge of suburbia. On the other side of the ditch were cattle butted up against classic 60's suburban sprawl. The one place that seemed uniquely different was Westbury Square. It didn't look like Meyerland or Sharpstown to a young kid. It wasn't part of the space race like the Astrodome but rather something old. Later in college I majored in Art and I now teach Art History in Asheville NC in an incredible Art Deco high school masterpiece by Douglas Ellington(1928). As I have studied and traveled around Europe, I always remembered Westbury Square and what was attempted. It was so far ahead of its' time. Although it was a retro attempt it was advanced in the mixed use concept. Thank all of you who posted and in particular the photographs! This was a great discovery but at the same time it was so sad to see what has happened. I haven't been back in over 26 years. I think that I will prefer to stick with my faded memories rather than deal with the stark reality of what has happened to this once magical place. My love for Architecture began as a young boy, hanging out at Westbury Square.

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