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Alexan Junction Heights At 3003 Summer St.

Paco Jones

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Wow, I'm amazed that the market will support another apartment complex in this area.  This is great for density, and I'm sure the future residents will be excited that they can walk to a Home Depot.

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1 hour ago, sapo2367 said:

Is this replacing Arne’s Warehouse?

I think Google Maps might be confused on the location. I believe 3003 Summer St. is on the newer section where the road was just built. It looks like this might be between the Broadstone Summer Street apartments and Studemont St.

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28 minutes ago, hindesky said:





You might have stumbled upon a different development though, right?


Alexan Junction Heights indicates to me this is on the other side of Studemont St.... but then again, when have developers ever been good at naming things.

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12 minutes ago, ajgallion said:

So this project is going to sandwich Bellrock (formerly Broadstone) Summer Street between two apartment blocks (Alexan Junction Heights and Co-Op Summer Street)? Going to be a very dark, sunless place to live. 


I took some pics of the surveyors flagging at this last weekend, I need to move those to this.

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I took these pics of surveyor's flagging on Oct. 16th, didn't know what was going to be built here but I suspected this would be the site for the Alexan apartment project. Previous post showed it being down the road a bit but unless Arnies is selling out I figured it might be here.




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