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Big Walls Big Dreams - Mural Painting Festival


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I knew this was coming up but thought wrongly that it started on Saturday. Found 2 mural artists doing their murals on Polk St. next to the old Frankels Costume building. Hopefully the weather holds out. They are doing murals at 15 different locations. 

The artists doing the 2 birds is "Dread" from Denver. Didn't get to talk with the other artist he was busy talking to the girl.






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The first two murals are on the back side of the old Greensheet newspaper building.The new owners of the building showed up, they volunteered their building to get the murals. I told them about the Oxberry apartment project going up in the lot.

Work in progress.




Career Recovery building  catty corner from the Greensheet building. 


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Old Greensheet building in Midtown, first pic is still in progress but I met the guy who runs Up Art/Big Walls Big Dreams at their HQ's at the 6th Exhibit on 6th St. who said that the artist had a family emergency but will come back to finish it.



Back wall of Leon's Lounge.



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