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18 minutes ago, JBTX said:

@citylivingWere these taken today? If so, were you the guy I saw at Guadalupe Park flying the drone around?

I took these pics today but I wasn’t at that park, I was a location close by the train tracks, I bet that guy you saw was the hindesky dude.

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20 hours ago, hindesky said:

Pretty sure that wood is for the current apartments going up. It's going to be a wood frame instead of steel frame.

You're probably right and I should have been more specific as I meant "next phase of the build" as opposed to "next phase of the project." My bad.

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  • The title was changed to The Mill: Mixed-Use At 2219 Canal St.
22 hours ago, phillip_white said:

I think this is the latest site plan:


That is quite a lot of surface parking, considering the fact that there is a garage. At least the big lot is mostly hidden, but still. Bit disappointing. The buildings look pretty cool, though.

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1 hour ago, 004n063 said:

That is quite a lot of surface parking, considering the fact that there is a garage. At least the big lot is mostly hidden, but still. Bit disappointing. The buildings look pretty cool, though.

I agree about the surface lots, but I think they struck a good balance. The parking garage would be mainly for residents, the back lot for the office building, and the small lot for the retail. They can also build on the back lot if demand ever justifies it.

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This is from two days ago. Second story of sticks being started on the peninsula.

Love how fast this is going up. 

Random data point, by my wife's hairdresser is in her early 20s and her studio is near the Heights. Currently lives in Midtown, but wanted to move to Eado but didn't there wasn't a 1BR apartment that met what she wanted for price and amenities so she ended up at the Chelsea Museum District. 

I have to think that this complex would have met her requirements if it were open. Forth at Navigation was more $$$ for a similar unit after incentives, which is kind of crazy.


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Below is a photo The Mill shared on its social media two days ago.  

The Mill is a mixed-use development consisting of multifamily residences, retail, and offices. It's located in the Second Ward at 2315 Navigation Blvd.

The caption from the post:

When you find art in the process. ⁠

Our apartment units will start pre-leasing at the end of the year. The common areas, private spaces, and finishes are so amazingly designed that it'll feel like you're living in your favorite work of art. ⁠



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On 8/27/2022 at 3:10 AM, IntheKnowHouston said:

Collier is the retail leasing agent for the Mill, the mixed-use development coming to 2315 Navigation Blvd.

The real estate office recently released a retail leasing brochure for phase one. Phase one includes residential with ground floor retail at 2219 Canal St. There are two ground floor retail units. One is for a grocery store / market and the other for a restaurant concept:

  • Grocery Store / Market: 2,177 sf
  • Restaurant: 3,859 sf





Phase one retail highlighted

Renderings showing various views of the ground floor retail for phase one (at least one previously posted a few pages back)

Unit for boutique grocery store or market (restaurant to the right)

Other views of the restaurant unit


Site plan for phase one ground floor retail units

There is an updated site plan for phase one retail at The Mill (I think this may be the most recent, but I'm not for certain). This is the portion on the corner of Runnels St and Navigation Blvd.

As shown in the quoted post, the previous site plan for this phase included a 2,177 sf market and 3,859 sf restaurant with an outdoor patio.

The recent site plan has a few changes. Instead of a 2,177 sf market, the unit is divided into two retail spaces. One is for a 910 sf unit designated for a food and beverage tenant. The other unit is a 1,303 sf space. Leasing materials indicate local coffee shop Slowpokes has a letter of intent. According to the latest site plan, Slowpokes could occupy the 1,303 sf space.

As for the 3,859 sf unit designated for restaurant use, the square footage remains the same. It's also still available for lease. The recent leasing materials include the square footage of the outdoor patio which is 2,250 sf.

The Mill is a mixed-use development located in the Second Ward at 2315 Navigation Blvd.








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  • The title was changed to The Mill: Mixed-Use at 2315 Navigation Blvd
1 hour ago, Valhalla said:

I don't get the slight curve with this one away from runnels streets. Maybe I'm missing something but it doesn't seem to serve any purpose? 

I think it may be some optical illusion (possibly caused by a wide angle lens?). The project appears to be straight-on along Runnels in person.

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