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Former BoA branch - 800 Franklin Street

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I could have sworn this was a topic, but can't seem to find anything... this is the former BoA branch at corner of Milam and Franklin.  Walked by today and there was heavy equipment on-site.  I talked to a construction worker who confirmed they are tearing it down.  Likely more paved parking, he didn't seem to know, but certainly positive news and heading in the right direction.

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Did a little digging... this is owned by Jesse Levine, who acquired it in summer 2019. Levine also owns the building to the south, 801 Congress, the old Henke & Pillot building. Levine was behind the redevelopment of 2800 White Oak Drive and the demolition of Fitzgerald's and attempt to replace it with an automated parking garage. He seems to be interested in urban development but not a purist and understands the importance of parking in making things work. My guess is he wants to add parking here in order to make the Henke & Pillot building more viable but he may also be trying to squeeze an automated garage onto this site.


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On 3/10/2021 at 2:10 PM, j_cuevas713 said:

Imagine another residential tower here 😀

Not hard at all to imagine once the pandemic is gone and the downtown res. market revives. Parking lot is most likely interim.


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