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Tom Koch is retiring from Ch. 13 KTRK-TV Houston after 39 years with the ABC O&O Station he announced at the end of yesterday's weekday morning newscast. His final newscast will be on May 28th.

"For nearly 40 years, I've been honored & humbled that so many people welcomed me into their homes every day," Koch said in a statement emailed to mikemcguff.com. "It's been a dream come true for a small-town Wisconsin kid to be part of this incredible station & truly great city of Houston. But I've decided it's time to step aside, turn off that early morning alarm & wake up to a new adventure."

The station tells Mike McGuff of mikemcguff.com the week of May 24th, will be featuring an on-air celebration featuring Koch & his many achievements will begin, with a final goodbye on May 28th, 2021.

Here are some videos of Koch's time with Ch. 13 over the years:


Weekday morning newscast from March 6th, 1990.


February 2nd, 1991.




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23 minutes ago, ChannelTwoNews said:

 Weird to think one of them is no longer with us and the survivors are now both retired.


I remember when Dave Ward, Ron Stone, and Steve Smith were newbies. I travel to other "big cites" and catch the local news in my hotel room. I can honestly say Houston has, and has had, some exceptional news reporters and anchors.

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For those, who missed Koch's final signoff from Ch. 13 on last Friday, May 28th:





On 5/28/2021 at 7:36 AM, ChannelTwoNews said:

Man... Some of my earliest memories of going to school are seeing him, Doug Brown and Don Nelson on the news before we left for the day. Weird to think one of them is no longer with us and the survivors are now both retired.


Big question is who'll replace Koch in weekday morning newscast for Ch. 13 ? I feel like a house-cleaning is still ongoing over there. 

A.) Jeff Ehling

B.) Steven Romo

C.) The Field 

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