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Multifamily Development At 3506 Harrisburg

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This is good news, we need more market rate SFHs and multi-family developments along this portion of Harrisburg. With the Coffee Plant stop nearby and new businesses (such as the new storefront for Giant Leap and White Rhino over on Milby) opening in the immediate vicinity, it was only a matter of time.  

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Did some more googling and InTownHomes recently sold this property to 107 HB LLC. The address maps to Houston Housing Financing Corporation (http://www.houstonhfc.com/)

The waste water review states the following "The anticipated used of the subject property will likely be high-density multi-family residential use."

Houston Eureka Investments, LLC is also listed on the form as the hiring party. Assuming this will be an affordable housing complex managed by Eureka and Financed by HHFC.

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  • Highrise Tower changed the title to Multifamily Development At 3506 Harrisburg
1 hour ago, ljchou said:

Mark Dana Properties will be the builder per the new plat report: http://www.mark-dana.com/properties/texas-properties/

Anyone know how I can update the title to clarify this is a multifamily development? I made a few pages with just addresses and it's getting confusing.


If you were the author of the post just linger your mouse pointer over the title and it will let you change it.

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