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Air service to Marfa

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Marfa has become such a popular weekend/vacation home destination in the last several years, but it's such a long drive from Houston or Dallas, or even from San Antonio. Even flying into El Paso or Midland/Odessa, you've still got a three hour drive there. I'm surprised someone hasn't started a commuter service between Marfa and Houston or Dallas. buy a used efficient turboprop like a Beechcraft 1900, fly out of one of the close to town secondary airports, like Love Field in Dallas, or Hobby in Houston, land either at Marfa Municipal Airport or Alpine-Casparis Municipal Airport. During the week the plane could be used for business commuter flights between Houston and Dallas. For that matter, instead of Hobby, the plane could fly out of West Houston Airport, which would be convenient for all the people who live and work in the Energy Corridor who need to make frequent trips up to Dallas. I've read that back in the 80s there was a small commuter service with scheduled turboprop flights between West Houston and Love, Air West, I think was the name?


Obviously now would not be the time to test this business model, but once things return to normal, and once we see how much business travel actually rebounds vs being permanently displaced by Zoom meetings, it would be an interesting venture, especially to see if the Marfa/Big Bend tourism market could support it, or even be boosted by it.

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5 hours ago, houblu said:

IIRC some 20+ years ago there was such an air service called "Lone Star Airways" that briefly stayed in business flying HOU to Alpine.

Has anyone used the Amtrak Sunset Limited lately, Houston to Alpine?



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