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Grand Park Square - New Housing development in South Union/OST

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Saw this on twitter - the groundbreaking was today on a new development.  The website https://www.grandparksquarehtx.com/ seems to be light on details of the development, but it looks like 2-story townhouses.  




Some more information on another website 



Young Black entrepreneurs will invest in this new urban planned development to reenergize the historic neighborhood and its residents Houston

A groundbreaking event to commemorate the beginning of a new 16 single-family home urban planned community in Houston’s Greater OST/South Union area will be held on November 14th, 2020, which will be the first in its zip code in over 10 years.


Grand Park Square will include modern homes that are attractively priced. Keeping homes within this development at an attractive price is essential to the cause of empowering South Union. The development will be created with community members in mind, ensuring the integrity of OST/South Union will be maintained.


“Grand Park Square is the first urban planned community and our goal is to recreate the suburban home buying experience in an urban setting,” says Junious of the development.


The ground breaking appears to have been at 4630 Ward st; I can't tell what the extent of the development will be though.

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On 11/28/2020 at 11:09 PM, gmac said:

If they can price these from $150K-$200K, they could be good.

lol - $305k crammed into a small lot in a high crime area as Cullen and Idaho is a hot corner. Nothing affordable about that and the website looks like it’s a master planner community when it ain’t by any means


someone is coming in to make a quick buck.

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