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President Biden's Presidency

Highrise Tower

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5 minutes ago, Highrise Tower said:

I don't like to discuss politics on HAIF, but I wanted to create the official Biden Presidency thread.


Any policy changes you wish over the next 4-years? I'd like to see drug reform.



Prescription, opiod or marijuana reform?

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1 minute ago, Highrise Tower said:


All of the above, but I meant cannabis.


My ex-girlfriend was an alcoholic. She eventually drank herself to death. Marijuana is a lesser drug but it's illegal.


Sorry to hear that. It seems like cannabis is more of a state issue though and already on the way to legalization. As for opioids and prescription drugs, Biden got 3 times the donations from big pharma that Trump did so I'd bet there won't be any meaningful reform coming.

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49 minutes ago, august948 said:

It seems like cannabis is more of a state issue though and already on the way to legalization. 


It's a state issue until you have a Federal executive branch that decides they're no longer going to look the other way when it comes to enforcement. Not that I think there's even a remote chance of that coming to pass under a Biden presidency. What really needs to happen to catalyze legalization on a large scale is cannabis no longer being classified as a Schedule I narcotic by the DEA. 

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What do I want from a Biden presidency?

  • Repair the relationships with longtime allies that Trump did his best to destroy
  • Appoint competent people to the leadership positions of executive agencies, not incompetent buffoons looking to line their own pockets
  • Return to reasonable regulation instead of just wiping the regulations off the books without consideration of the negative externalities
  • Start the conversation on how to fund healthcare - we need to quit calling it insurance for a start
  • Whack AOC and her minions until they understand the Green New Deal goals can't be accomplished in 10 year, as that's technologically impossible, but start working on a viable plan to decrease emissions. Implementing a carbon tax would be a good start, and probably far more effective than cap and trade.
  • Whack Elizabeth Warren until she understands that taxing unrealized capital gains is one of the stupidest ideas ever
  • Repeal much of the Trump tax bill, leaving in the higher standard deductions, and index the standard deduction


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^^^ end to systemic racism

^^^ develop better means to feed our hungry and poor citizens

^^^ better employment opportunities for all

^^^ faster broadband for all

^^^ better youth and teen empowerment

^^^ much better healthcare for all...

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^^^ reverend raphael g. warnock - senior pastor ebenezer baptist church - atlanta, ga



^^^ jon ossoff - managing director, ceo of london based twi insight - atlanta, ga



^^^ it is absolutely imperative, that BOTH of these fine men from the state of georgia... be elected within each of their respective U.S. SENATE run-off elections this forthcoming january 2021.  should they not be elected, then you shall have to believe that MOSCOW MITCH will perform any and all... to LAME DUCK new president biden's legislative agendas forthcoming...

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On 11/8/2020 at 12:51 PM, BeerNut said:


Lots of good ideas.  I'd also like...

  • Large spending on infrastructure.  There are bridges, dams, subways, etc around the country that are rated deficient.

Well that was quick.  Wish it would have been larger but yeah...

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