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Galveston Novel By Nic Pizzolatto

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Having watched the GALVESTON motion picture (2018) on Blu-Ray, my next step was to read the novel (2010) it was based on. The GALVESTON novel by Nic Pizzolatto has mostly good reviews from readers and literary critics. My hardcover with dust jacket book in used/very good condition came from Thriftbooks, Dallas TX.

The main characters in the novel (Roy Cady and Raquel Arceneaux) are complex and flawed, the "bad guys" they encounter are very bad.

Most of the novel is set in 1988, told in first person by Roy Cady. Various flashbacks, also told in first person, provide background information on events in Cady's life that put him on the path to becoming a career criminal. The latter part of the novel is set in 2008, up to the day the approaching storm (Hurricane Ike) makes landfall at Galveston Island.




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  • The title was changed to GALVESTON novel by Nic Pizzolatto
  • The title was changed to Galveston Novel By Nic Pizzolatto
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Regarding the recent posting (11/20/2022 by sir_racha), the positive opinions he expressed about the Galveston novel and its author, Nic Pizzolatto, are similar to my own.

As an aside: Nic Pizzolatto lived with his parents in Lake Charles LA from age 5 (circa 1980) until he left home to attend college at Louisiana State University (circa 1993). Lake Charles LA to Galveston TX is roughly a 2.75 hour drive, convenient for tourists from Louisiana to visit Galveston's beaches and other attractions. Conversely, its similarly convenient for tourists from Texas to visit and gamble at the various legal gambling casinos in the Lake Charles LA area. As most people probably know, casino gambling is illegal in Texas with the exception of some Native American (American Indian) reservations and tribal lands where the the principle of Tribal Sovereignty, as codified by federal (United States) law as the Indian Gaming Act of 1988, limits the ability of states (including Texas) to forbid gambling on Indian reservations and other tribal lands owned by Native American tribes.         


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