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Pontchartrain Beach

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Most readers who visit this area of HAIF probably know that Pontchartrain Beach in New Orleans was a privately owned amusement park located on the south shore of Lake Pontchartrain. The beach was artificially made by dumping sand along the shoreline adjacent to the park property. The hazards of water pollution, undertow, and submerged rocks (rip-rap) made the lake an unsafe area for swimming. The amusement park offset this by building two swimming pools adjacent to the shore. The lake provided an ambience for swimmers from the safety of a controlled water environment.

To celebrate the completion of another school year, my 7th grade class traveled by chartered buses the 135 miles from New Iberia to New Orleans. Lots of fun including a movie (probably at the Saenger Theater) followed by several hours at Pontchartrain Beach. Most of us were tired out and slept on the bus at least part of the way back.

Over time, declining attendance led to the park's closing circa 1982.

Lake Pontchartrain is a salt water lake connected by The Rigolets (natural channel) to the Gulf of Mexico. In recent years, lake pollution has been greatly reduced.

K5JRI Radio is proud to be a native born New Orleanian!



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