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Hiring Now - Cashier, Prep Cook, Janitor, Meat Cutter, Line Server (HOUSTON)

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Farmer's Fresh Meat has IMMEDIATE openings for the following positions:

* Cashier - $9.00 per hour, $13.50 overtime

* Prep-Cook - $8.50 per hour, $12.75 overtime

* Janitor - $8.00 per hour, $12.00 overtime

* Meat Cutter - Based on experience, $8.00 - $12.00 per hour ($12.00 - $18.00 overtime)

* Line Server - $8.00 per hour, $12.00 overtime

Farmer’s Fresh Meat on Cullen
8630 Cullen Blvd, Houston, TX 77051

Farmer’s Fresh Meat on Mesa
9541 Mesa Dr. Houston, TX 77078

REQUIREMENTS - Please Read Carefully

Must have reliable transportation.
Must be able to stand extended periods of time.
Must work well with others.
Must be able to follow instructions and orders from management
Must have good communication skills.

If applying for Cashier, must be available to arrive at work precisely at 6:30am.
If applying for Cashier, must be available for a full day shift 6:30 am to 7pm with half hour break in the middle

If applying for Prep-Cook, must be available to arrive at work precisely at 6:00am .

Applicants MUST complete form at: https://farmersfreshmeat.com/about/employment/



More details here: https://houston.craigslist.org/fbh/d/houston-hiring-now-cashier-prep-cook/7210462031.html

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