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New bridge over Buffalo Bayou?

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I went for a walk over by the East side of Buffalo Bayou, near the old KBR building, for first time in a couple of months and I was surprised by what appears to be a construction of a new bridge. I tried to google info on the project, but came up with nothing. Anyone has any info on it. It seems like a weird placement for a bridge.


Sidenote: it loos like a small boat was pulled out of the bayou.




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Saw this too.  To me, it looks like they were doing work at the boat ramp and small dock, which was built as a put-in for the rowing and dragon boat clubs.  That said, perhaps there is a bridge component here, but I doubt that that would go unnoticed.  I just think that they are doing work that to preserve/improve the asset that exist...the ramp and dock. 

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