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Recently watched on Blu-Ray Galveston (2018) movie starring Ben Foster and Elle Fanning. Foster plays a 40 year old career criminal on the run from the mob circa 1988. He meets up with a 19 year old call girl (played by Fanning), also on the run after killing her abusive stepfather (and the father of her 3 year old daughter). All three characters flee to Galveston (Foster's home town). The movie was filmed in Savannah GA with Tybee Island GA standing in for Galveston.  

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This movie was based on the 2010 novel GALVESTON by Nick Pizzolatta and directed by Melanie Laurent (who made revisions to the original script). This 2018 movie had only limited distribution in the United States. As far as I know, the 2010 novel is the second novel with this title. The first being the 1976 novel by Suzanne Morris. I remember seeing the Morris novel displayed for sale at the Galvez Mall location of B. Dalton bookstore in September 1976. By coincidence, both were the first novels published by the respective authors (Morris and Pizzolatta).


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The Blu-Ray of GALVESTON I own has audio tracks in English and French and distributed by Mongrel Media, an independent Canadian film distributor. This, coupled with selection of Melanie Laurent, a prominent actress and filmmaker in France, to direct the film (with extensive rewrite authority), suggests the film may have been intended for marketing primarily to French speaking (francophone) audiences and secondarily to English speaking audiences. Once my order for the novel (Galveston by Nick Pizzolatto) comes in, reading it should provide me with a better basis for comparing the novel with the move adaptation.



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