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Union East: Proposed Retail, Office Development at McKinney & Sampson

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What's really great about this is that there's actually more newly built than reused, but they've (mostly) kept what's there and the new buildings keep the same industrial vibe. And of course the parking is in the back. They could have just thrown surface parking on the vacant lots, but instead they fully developed the site as an integrated place.


It's perfect. No notes.

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I just walked by this property on Saturday and was wondering what might be planned for it. It looked like Binswanger had either already shut down this location (the building at the northwest end; the lot parallel to Sampson is vacant) or at the very least was starting to wind down operations. Now I know.

This would be an awesome addition to the neighborhood! 

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I'm really excited about this - it looks a lot like the Heights Mercantile development on 7th St. between Yale and Heights and I hope it brings in similar businesses (especially Local Foods). Either way, it will be very nice to have this easily accessible by bike or foot from Eastwood and parts of Second Ward to serve as an activity hub for the neighborhood and nudge some more development in the available empty warehouses further west along McKinney. With The Plant right up the street at Harrisburg and East End Backyard just down the street at Lamar, Sampson is also becoming quite the corridor.

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