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I noticed some construction activity here and wasn’t sure what would be going in, as it is an oddly shaped parcel framed by railroad ROW. I thought it’d be a pretty sweet spot for a dog park. But alas, it looks like there are three townhomes being shoehorned in here. Addresses on HCAD are 2412, 2414, and 2416 Commerce St.


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That's next level cramming.


If the standard 6 townhome configuration is a six pack, then is this a half pack? If so, do they make them tallboys to account for the lack of width?

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There's definitely enough land for 3 townhouses, but I wonder how they'll site them. Does it look like a central driveway with two houses on the north side and one on the south?

Definitely an awkward lot. I'd rather see a little coffee shop or something here. Maybe with a 2nd floor apartment. Though parking requirements would be an issue (wrong side of the tracks!)

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