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Hike And Bike Bridge Is Burning


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18 hours ago, talltexan83 said:

Not the most relevant comment, but seeing again that construction costs for the Bayou Greenway Park were about $2 million.........right after I read about the new 59S/610N interchange going for $250+ million.  I know these are entirely different budgets/jurisdictions, but it's wild to think what would be possible if Bayou Greenways had an extra $250 million to spend on construction.  I'd be willing to bet it would have a greater economic impact on the city than a new freeway interchange.


The Bayou Greenways 2020 project as a whole had a $220 million budget.



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i guess they figured if they're going to keep this bridge closed for an entire year, they should probably get a photo with some industrial equipment to make it look like they actually did something out here.  i still can't believe it's taken an entire year for them to reopen this bridge--especially since this year was when so many houstonians relied on the parks and trails in this city for recreation.  

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1 hour ago, skooljunkie said:


Summary: Workers found more damage. More work will need to be done. Additional design work and permitting to follow. Finish date is uncertain.


Took them a year to inspect this properly?  Clearly not a priority for the city or the parks board. I used to ride this frequently and it was one of the most popular trails in Houston. They have a detour but a family with little kids aren't going to take a detour on Heights Blvd and under IH10. I doubt they open this back up in at least a year.

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This is soooo City of Houston.  Inspector No. 1:  "Everything looks good.  You just need to do A, B and C."  A, B, and C completed.  Inspector No. 2:  "D, E, and F don't meet code.  You need to fix that and pull all new permits."  

And on top of that permitting at CoH is grinding to a halt due to COVID.  I know people trying to finish a huge project that is very time sensitive who had to send new plans back to engineering and were told that the reviewer had 600+ plans on his desk and could not even guess at an ETA on approval.  I wouldn't be surprised if the connector is completed long before the bridge.  

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i wonder how much time was squandered by waiting to assess the damage in the first place.  probably a full year.  i also wonder if they considered re-opening the bridge but still continuing to work on it.  they installed the metal support pillar in the middle of the bridge while the bridge was still in use.  i realize there's a higher risk to re-opening now, but how much more dangerous would this bridge be then every other pedestrian bridge spanning a bayou in the city?  i guess no one would be willing to put their neck on the line.  which is fine i guess.  but the lack of accountability frustrates me to no end.

here's my forecast for when this is open again: winter 2022 (but in this case 12/31/2022).  not to be confused with winter 2022 (1Q2022) when the connector should be done.

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I sent out some emails and was told that the houston parks board is the one that owns this bridge. here's there email if yall want to send also send them your thoughts


also the lady I was talking to said that sending in a 311 request is the best way to make noise about it. Not sure if doing all this bitching will change anything in how much they prioritize this project but a man can hope.  

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