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Shriners Hospital For Children At 6977 South Main St.

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Shriners Hospital for Children in Texas Medical Center is closing and parents are shocked





HOUSTON — A big change is coming to the Texas Medical Center, the Shriners Hospital for Children will be closing that location and consolidating with the Galveston branch in 2021.


Mel Bower, Director of Marketing for Shriners, confirms the Houston Shriners hospital will consolidate with the Shriner’s hospital in Galveston. Bowers says they are consolidating to make services more efficient for patients, who he says shuttle back and forth between the hospitals.


Bowers says one reason the Galveston location was chosen is, “The presence of the burns center in Galveston was an important consideration.”

Shriners says they hope to bring as many of their current team as possible and that all services offered in the Med Center location will be offered in Galveston.


“We will continue to offer all of our existing services, the benefit is that now they will all exist under one roof,” Bowers said.


As for what will become of the building that one the Houston Shriners moves out, Bowers says they just don’t know yet.



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The Galveston burns center is a big deal.  The move seems to make sense, if Shriner's had to choose one or another.  Galveston needs the Shriner's Hospital more than Houston does...So, I'm sorry to see Shriners Houston close, but I am happier that it is not Galveston's loss. 

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Merging Shriners Hospitals in Houston and Galveston: An update





When two hospitals merge into one location, divvying up space for existing and incoming staff rises to the top of the to-do list. Department heads from both sites confer with planners, hospital administrators and architects to make sure everyone is properly equipped to treat patients.


In early January, Shriners Hospitals for Children – Houston confirmed that it would close in 2021 and consolidate with Shriners – Galveston. Shriners aims to complete the merger by the fourth quarter of 2020, but the full remodel in Galveston could seep into the following year.


“We have the space in our facility,” said Gary Martin, chairman of the Board of Governors for Shriners Hospitals for Children – Galveston. “We are now in the process of stage-planning the different phases we are going through to remodel, because we still have to be open while we’re remodeling. … I was just on a teleconference call for an hour- and-a-half with architects.”


The merger aims to create a stronger facility with a bigger footprint.


“It’s going to be Shriners Hospitals for Children – Texas,” Ashley said.


When asked what will happen to the Houston building, which the Shriners own, Bower said: “We’re looking at a timeline so elongated that the building conversation is secondary. … Part of it is using our Galveston facility more efficiently.”



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