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Quentin Mease Community Hospital

Highrise Tower

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Quentin Mease under construction for its transition to an outpatient facility



Major reconstruction is happening at Harris Health System’s Quentin Mease facility at 3601 North MacGregor Way in Houston. The project, which began in February and is expected to take 12 to 18 months, will convert the hospital into an exclusively outpatient center for clinical services, according to a statement from Harris Health.


The community hospital housed a 25-bed inpatient rehabilitation unit and a 20-bed skilled nursing unit before this transition. Harris Health has arranged inpatient rehabilitation and skilled nursing services with other community providers to ensure Harris County patients will continue receiving necessary care, Harris Health System‘s director of communications Bryan McLeod told TMC News via email.


Throughout construction, staff will continue to serve outpatients in the fifth-floor rehabilitation center, which provides physical, occupational and speech therapy. That space includes an 8,500-square-foot gymnasium as well as 19 different treatment areas and three private rehabilitation treatment rooms. A geriatric services clinic also continues to accept patients on the building’s first floor.


The reconstructed facility  will offer new programming and clinical services, including outpatient chronic hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis as well as HIV care. Additional offerings will be announced as the planning process continues and construction nears completion, officials said.



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Renovation of Quentin Mease: After evaluating the cost to renovate the inpatient floors at Quentin Mease Hospital to bring them into compliance with current inpatient codes and retain an appropriate number of licensed inpatient beds, it was decided that Quentin Mease is best suited to be programmed and designated as an outpatient facility. As a result, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing inpatient services will be coordinated through community partners and outside medical services contracts, and 49 inpatient beds decommissioned. Construction is expected to occur over a 12‐24 month period, and cost about $42.5 million. There are no changes planned for the outpatient Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy service at Quentin Mease. After completion of construction, in addition to physical therapy and occupational therapy, the facility will become home to the services currently provided at the Riverside Dialysis Center and Thomas Street Health Center.


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