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Powerfuels' Houston Clean Energy Park At 12045 South Main St.

Highrise Tower

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  • Highrise Tower changed the title to Powefuels' Houston Clean Energy Park at 12045 South Main





We purchased this 79 acre site on March 20, 2009 for a price of $1,350,000. This acquisition included 79 acres of land (now 54 acres after the sale of 25 acres during 2009) at the intersection of South Main Street and Hiram Clarke Road, together with all infrastructure, equipment, buildings and other improvements.


The H. O. Clarke property is adjacent to a 500 MW switchyard operated by CenterPoint Energy and has ready access to the Texas ERCOT grid. This decommissioned power plant was originally operated by Houston Lighting and Power with a total of 268 MW of gas fired steam generation until the 1980s. An additional 78 MW of gas fired turbines were added to the distribution system as peaking units and were last used in 2004. These peaking units have been removed from the site but the interconnection equipment remains. We plan to build a GTL pilot plant on this site to commercially converting stranded natural gas resources to synthetic crude oil. We do not have sufficient financial resources to restore operation to this power plant site and there can be no assurance that suitable financing will be available when needed. If we are not able to attract adequate financing, we may have to delay or abandon plans for all or part of the re-commissioning of this site.


The key to this site is its central location inside the nation's fourth largest city and the opportunity to build a model alternative fuel demonstration site. We plan to form the Houston Clean Energy Park on this site to introduce a variety of GTL projects. Planned elements include different syngas reformer designs, GTL reactor technologies and gas processing units.



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  • Highrise Tower changed the title to Powerfuels' Houston Clean Energy Park at 12045 South Main
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  • Highrise Tower changed the title to Powerfuels' Houston Clean Energy Park At 12045 South Main St.
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