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UNITi Montrose: 9-Story Apartments At 701 Richmond Ave.


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11 hours ago, clutchcity94 said:

That pool on Stanford street is gonna get a whole lot less sun soon!

The sun rays go from East to West of our city, North and South of this building will not get much shade (vs East and West of the building)

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"In one of Montrose’s newest residential projects opening next year, renters will be able to walk into fully furnished spaces stocked with basic supplies, paying rents below market rate in one of Houston’s trendiest neighborhoods.

Rent will include professional cleaning and utilities, and they’ll have access to happy hours and group outings. The only catch: They could be living with strangers. 

That’s because the 238-unit development, UNITi Montrose, will offer coliving, a style of communal living growing in Houston involving professionally managed roommate housing. Think of it as a version of college dorms for working adults."


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8 hours ago, clutchcity94 said:

What are the chances that this building turns into this generation’s version of Colonial House 40 years from now?

Michael Pollack's still around in Arizona - perhaps he could be persuaded to undertake a return visit to Houston to lend his unique marketing touch to this project, for old times' sake:

"Hi, I'm Michael Pollack, and I'd like to personally invite you to see the all-new UNITi apartments, where I've created an exciting new lifestyle in beautiful Montrose."

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They waited out the thunderstorm and started scoping out the boom at 8:03am to take down the tower crane.

Traffic in lower Montrose is a shit show. Richmond is blocked off from Montrose to the Spur in both directions and Montrose is blocked in both directions from W. Alabama to Hawthorne. Large crane was setting up by the Parc I,II condos.









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On 1/25/2021 at 5:19 PM, Avossos said:

They could have built a great building on the 2 lots and not had to tear anything down. I cannot stand demolition for the sake of vanity.

The 2020 design by Meeks and Partners had a lot more light and air, including short skywalks above the garage/pool deck joining separate midrise floorplans.  

But by the time HAIF saw EDI architects had value engineered it, in June 2021, it was the normal doughnut that we see now.

ICYMI the draw for landlords to build something like this is that even with lower sticker prices, they still have higher cashflow per square foot.  To maximize that, once light and air were no longer priorities, and cheapen the garage floor plate cost per garage space, it would no longer have worked as well without tearing out the old homes.


to trymahjongg, I have memories of Proletariat too.  One of my very first dates was to a show there.

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