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Goode Company Seafood Memorial City Moving?


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We had dinner at Goode Co Seafood Friday night.  Our waiter told us they are moving across the parking lot to a new site in the building closer to I-10.  Indeed, there is a restaurant being fitted-out there.  What makes this interesting is that he told us that they're moving because their current building is being demolished to make room for a new high rise with ground floor retail.  He didn't know if that included the Office Depot (and former Sports Authority) building to the west.  Is this part of the Metro National property?

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MetroNational owns that entire shopping center and the shopping center across Benignus Rd. 


Coincidentally I was discussing Spring Branch today with one of the attorneys I work with. He has a friend that works in urban planning and land development. His friend told him that MetroNational has big plans for Memorial City and adjacent areas and that they will be doing a lot of development within the next 5-6 years. 

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