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Permit not "closed out"

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Hoping for some more helpful guidance--I was transferred around at the permit office last week when I called. Planning to go in person tomorrow. 


I had a permitted remodel done of my bathroom in my 1955 house about ten years ago. I kept all the papers I received--under residential repair spec list, the following are checked:

- Replace door (actually we just ended up painting it)

- Replace window

- Replace trim

- Replace ceiling and/or wall covering/insulation

- Repair electrical

- Repair plumbing

- Repair mechanical

- Replace flooring


There were no new walls (spelled out in caps on the approved permit), and a planned pocket door was scratched during the remodel. 


While trying to sell my house, my buyers called the permit office. They found that this project was never finalized, according to the city. After being placed on hold and transferred around to several people and departments, I learned that the electrical and plumbing were 'closed out' but that the 'general inspection' was not. I've been reading the website and googling like mad to try to figure out what this means. Another person at the permitting office told me that I needed a structural inspected and would need to tear all my walls out for that to happen.


To make matters more interesting, the GC that I used has passed away. He was a fantastic guy who did great work, and everyone that I've reached out to who worked with him has expressed major shock that we're hearing this from the city. He was very, very conscientious. 


Any guidance on what to do from here? Do I really have to rip out all the walls to finalize this? 

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