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La Sallete Street apartments razed

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One block north of O.S.T. and one block west of Scott and across from the catholic church, This site had roughly eight individual 4 plexes

on the property. It lies just behind the CVS on the corner of Scott and O.S.T. . They had been abandoned for as long as we've lived in the neighborhood. Old furniture on lots broken windows torn down doors. You get the picture.

They have done a remarkable job of razing the apartment buildings and it has left several acres of century old oaks in its place.

Just curious if any of you have seen or heard what is in this properties future. It would be a beautiful park but I'm pretty sure someone has plans.

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The 2015 Google Maps street view shows some of them in decent shape. They were built before 1953 and after 1943. The trees were planted after construction, as there are only a couple on the 1943 aerials, so they are nice trees, but not a century old.


Property is owned by La Salette, llc. I don't have a Secretary of State account, so can't find the principals.

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Thanks for the input. I went by and noticed that they had posted on some of the trees a TPDES notice with their info. I have called and left a message on the principals phone number.

The trees are now huge so if not 100 maybe 80 . I dont really care about their age. They're very mature.  I just thought it was a nice tract of land and hoping that they don't all get cut down and maybe built around. 

I'm sure this developer is going to build cheap townhouses or something like it.

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